We specialize in the trading of physical commodities inclusive of, but not limited to:  Crude Oil (Light, Medium and Sour);
Jet Fuel (Colonial Grade 54/ Jet A (US only), Jet A-1 & TS-1);
Low and Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) and High Sulfur Diesel/ Gasoil (inclusive of Colonial Grade 61/ 62, EN 590 and D2);
Automotive Gasoil (AGO); Marine Gasoil (MGO);
Residual Fuel Oil (RFO)/ #6 Fuel Oil (inclusive of IFO/ RMG 180/380/500  RMK 380/500/700, Mazut, Low Pour Fuel Oil (LPFO), High Pour Fuel Oil (HPFO));
Slurry Oil/ Carbon Black Feedstock (CBFS); LPG;
Ethanol; LNG and other petroleum derived products.

Tank Farm/Storage Depot with Jetty facility Operation:

The tank farm facility has been developed as a commercial compliment to the statutory function distribution of the NNPC in regard to the strategic requirement for storage and of petroleum energy factors to consumer nationwide. The tank farm has an in-built storage capacity of approximately 85 million liters and is fully licensed by the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) to store and trade various specifications of clean petroleum products.
The depot is strategically located to meet the ever expanding need for safe, efficient and environmentally friendly storage of products.
The tank farm facility consists essentially of 7 storage tanks. All tanks are suitable and safely bonded enclosure, sequestered in a bonded enclosure within the tank farm premises. Within the there are facilities for storage of fire fighting water and for reception and storage of slops.