About Us

Manna Oil and Gas is a privately held international company active over a wide spectrum of global energy markets.

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What We Do

We specialize in the trading of physical commodities inclusive of, but not limited to: Crude Oil (Light, Medium and Sour)

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Our Vision

Vision is to provide world-class integrated solutions to the oil, gas and energy industry in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner while sustaining good return in investment.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to deliver exceptional cost effective service with a high level of responsiveness, flexibility, safety and quality through the following core values:

1.  Service: Exceeding customers’ expectations and competitors offerings

2.  People: Being an employer of choice for empowered individuals in a sustainable environment

3.  Safety: Working together for greater gain in a safe and hazard-free environment

4.  Integrity: We earn the trust of customers with honesty, fairness and by honouring our commitments